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Tub Tea sachets are oversized tea bags filled with the highest quality dried herbs, flowers, and citrus peels. Available in many different blends, they create a delicious and sensual experience when dropped into the warm bath. Take a sachet into the shower and squeeze it over the body and onto freshly washed hair to enjoy the light, natural perfume all day or evening long.

Tub Tea packets make wonderful towel sachets until they are ready to use, and unlike most bath products are light and compact making them ideal for travel. Each sachet can be used for at least two baths or showers. Because of their low cost, Tub Teas are affordable "luxuries" for oneself as well as excellent gifts for many occasions. Carefully crafted by hand, these sachets are durable though not indestructible.

A warm bath lowers blood pressure and reduces stress without a prescription!


Bath Soak

Madge, you're soaking in it!
(Please note: Madge is actually soaking in plastic flowers. Hardly as effective as Tub Tea and the poor thing is going to have quite the mess to clean up later. Too bad she didn't know about Romanza and Tub Tea!)

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